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After an outstanding run, Pep will push the 'special' Man City player even more.

As Manchester City nears the end of the season, Pep Guardiola will continue to press Riyad Mahrez for more.

Mahrez has had an exceptional season, scoring 21 goals in three tournaments to lead City's challenge.

The worst XI in the Premier League this weekend includes a Manchester United goalkeeper and a Tottenham Hotspur defender...

That is the Algerian's greatest goal total since joining the club in 2018 (his previous high was 14 last season), but Guardiola isn't content.

"He has scored a lot of goals, penalties, assists, and everything," City manager Pep Guardiola said. "A part of that is the quality he has to read the game correctly." When he has to attack he must give extra passes.

"However, I wouldn't say this is his finest season because he has performed at a top level in the Premier League for many years."

“Last season he was exceptional. He was crucial in the final quarter of the season and performed admirably.

"I make a concerted effort to push him. We're fighting together because I know what he's capable of."

Guardiola wants City to show their quality as they try to win the Premier League for the fourth time in five seasons, as well as the Champions League and FA Cup.

He is convinced that the 31-year-old belongs among the top, and he has conveyed that point to him as contract renewals approach.

Mahrez's five-year contract, which he signed after his then-club-record £60 million move from Leicester in 2018, has one season left on it.

"For the way he manages pressure, he is a player I admire," Guardiola remarked. "He prefers to perform on the greatest stages, and guys like that are hard to come by in elite clubs."

Taking a flight above the derby Today's game was fantastic from everyone on the team, and it was a crucial win!! pic.twitter.com/LbjyXBz9Nd March 6, 2022 — Riyad Mahrez (@Mahrez22)

"Not just me, but the entire club holds a very high opinion of him and his abilities."

"He's a fantastic player." He’s a player that many teams would like to have. He is aware of my viewpoint."

Mahrez himself is pleased with how his season has gone but accepts he still has more to offer.

He said: “I always think I need to add things to my game. Pep worked with me a lot as well to do this, to improve more in my runs, to be more in the box and to be where you can score goals.

“That is what we must try to do. When you play and the team is playing good and you are playing your part, it is the best you can do for yourself and the club.

“I am trying to work hard to help the team and if you can be part of all of the games then it is better.

“Of course, there is a lot of satisfaction because everything you do in the week, and all the years you are working, it is to try to do what I am doing at the moment which is scoring goals, making assists and trying to perform good to help the team.

“On top of that the team is playing so good and everyone is performing so it is the best.”

City have a chance to restore a six-point advantage over Liverpool at the top of the table as they travel to Crystal Palace on Monday.

“We just do it game by game,” said Mahrez. “That is the best thing we can do. We just have to play.

“We have to play Palace first and try to give everything to try to win.”


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